Best Pillows to Buy Online

Best Pillows to Buy Online

We are bringing you our list of the best pillows available online right now.

Obviously finding the right mattress is pretty critical towards getting good restful sleep on a nightly basis, but so is the type of pillow that you use.

And since everyone’s preference on them is a little bit different and there are so many options to choose from in the online space as of right now, finding the one that best suits your needs, can be a bit of a tricky process.

Never fear though because we have reviewed the vast majority of popular pillows that are offered online and out of the dozens that we’ve reviewed we managed to narrow this list down to our top six standout picks.


Let’s get into some of the best bed pillows that are available online.

Let’s start by going over all the general policies that come with all of the pillows on today’s list. That way I don’t have to cover it for each one as they come and go.

If you buy them online, here’s essentially what you’re going to be getting.

All of them are going to come with completely free shipping. You’re also going to get a trial period
of at least 30 nights with each one to test them out in the comfort of your own home before they’re officially yours.

If you find that one of these pillows isn’t exactly right for you, all but one come with completely free returns.

But on the flip side, if you enjoy them, all are backed by at least a standard one year warranty.

First up on the list we have the Purple Harmony pillow.

This is a really good option for anyone who sleeps particularly hot and that’s because it almost offers an unparalleled amount of airflow due to its overall construction.

Its core is comprised of a light, durable and responsive talalay latex foam, which is aerated to provide a pretty decent amount of airflow.

A thin layer of Purple’s hyperelastic polymer is woven into the cover to give it even more bounce and breathability.

This construction gives it a pretty unique feel that’s unlike anything else that you’ve probably ever tried.

When you lay your head down on it, you almost get a sensation of weightlessness, kind of like you’re floating on top of it, rather than sinking in. And the combination of latex foam and hyperelastic polymer make it super responsive and supportive.

The cover on it is actually machine washable, so if it happens to become dirty over time, you can just take it off and send it through the wash.

The Purple Harmony pillow is available in a standard or tall model, both of which currently retail for right around $160, so it’s not going to be the most affordable option out there.

But if you’re a hot sleeper who’s looking for something that shouldn’t really ever warm up on you and you’re interested in trying out something that’s completely new, this pillow could be right up your alley.

That unique feel on the Purple Harmony might sound pretty good, but what if you’re looking for a more traditional down pillow.

In that case you might want to check out the one that’s offered from Casper.

Me personally, I’m not the biggest fan of these type of pillows because from my experience sleeping on them, you lose a lot of the support that’s found in the middle, because your head digs in more and more.

And that down material eventually just ends up all along the edges of the pillow and leaves your head in a big empty crater.

But I found that’s not really the case with the Casper down pillow. It actually does a pretty good job of retaining a lot of that support in the center, because it uses different chambers within the pillow to keep all of that down material in place.

We don’t think you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night to re-fluff this pillow any time soon.

In terms of feel, it’s got that light fluffy and airy quality associated with most other down pillows.

It’ll probably be soft enough to give your head plenty of pressure relief, while also being supportive enough to keep your head, neck and shoulders in proper spinal alignment.

All of the down used within it is also ethically sourced, it’s available in two different sizes: a standard and a king.

The only real downside of it is its overall price. The standard model retails for right around $125,
while the king is more so around $165.

But if you are on more of a budget, Casper also offers their original pillow, which is also a down pillow, for a more affordable price point.

Casper as a brand does run discounts on their products from time to time. In general if you’re looking for a quality down pillow, this one is going to be pretty tough to beat.

Next up we have the TEMPUR-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling pillow, which has probably the biggest name of all the pillows on this list and unfortunately probably the biggest
price tag as well.

The queen size is right around $169 and get this, for the king size you’re looking at paying around $209.

But just like anything else from TEMPUR-Pedic, you’re going to be paying a bit of a premium for a quality product. It’s made up of predominantly memory foam, so naturally it has more of a viscous memory foam feel in general, but it’s on the softer side. We’d say it’s around a medium soft. So side sleepers should really enjoy the amount of pressure relief that it provides.

It should also do a pretty good job at conforming to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders, while also responding back into its original shape once you relieve all that pressure from it.

The cover is also machine washable, which is always nice to have.

And just beneath that cover, it uses gel cooling pads on either side that are indeed very cool to the touch. It’ll probably be a good option for hot sleepers as well.

As a side note, uncompressed this pillow has a loft of around six and a half inches, and compressed it only comes down to about three inches. If you’re a strict stomach sleeper, it still might be a little too thick for your liking and maybe give you a kink in your neck, which nobody wants-

But it should be supportive enough for the majority of sleeper types out there and help keep your neck in proper spinal alignment as you sleep.

The next pillow is the Layla Kapok pillow. This is my personal favorite pillow and the one that I have slept on every single night for maybe the past year and a half.

I love this thing!

The main reason why I and many others out there like it so much mainly has to do with its overall feel and construction.

It uses Kapok fiber, which is a soft and airy natural fiber that comes from the seed pods of a Kapok tree and this Kapok fiber combines with shredded memory foam to give it an all-around soft, fluffy, neutral foam feel.

The design now allows for you to adjust the loft of the pillow as you see fit. Since it is adjustable we see it being a great pillow for all sleeper positions: backside, stomach and combination.

You just have to be okay with sleeping on something that’s right in between a down and a dense memory foam pillow.

It’s available in a queen size for right around $100 bucks and a king for about $120.

So it is a little bit more affordable than all the pillows that we’ve already mentioned, but it’s still going to be on the pricier end of things.

If you’re in the market for something that’s mainly comprised of hypoallergenic materials, a lot of people have allergies out there, and if you’re going to be in very close contact with a pillow, you want to make sure that it’s not full of a bunch of allergens.

In that case, you might want to look into getting the talalay latex pillow from Brooklyn Bedding.

Like the name implies, the core of this pillow is comprised of talalay latex foam.

Latex foam as a material is naturally hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. It’s actually made from the collected sap of a rubber tree that’s been fired off into a mold, which is pretty interesting.

The cover of this pillow is made up of organic cotton and it’s also moisture wicking and antimicrobial, which is pretty important to those of us who suffer from chronic allergies.

Apart from it being entirely hypoallergenic, it’s also a pretty nice pillow that we think a lot of people are gonna really enjoy.

Since it is a latex pillow, it’s gonna be really responsive and bouncy, while also being pretty soft and cushioning for your head, neck and shoulders.

It comes in a high and low loft so they have options for all sleeper types and it’s also available in a queen and king size.

It’s around $90 for the queen and around $100 for the king, but Brooklyn Bedding typically offers discounts on their beds and pillows year round.

Last but certainly not least we have the Tuft&Needle pillow.

If all the other pillows on this list sounded a little too out of your price range, we don’t blame you. Pillows are getting far too expensive these days.

You’re gonna love this one because it’s one of the best values online for a pillow of its quality.

A standard sized Tuft&Needle pillow retails for right around $75 and after discount, you’re looking at paying just shy of $68 for it, which is a pretty good price for this type of pillow.

Its core is made up of proprietary T&N adaptive foam, which is basically a softer comfort foam that’s actually used as the top layer on all the Tuft&Needle beds.

That foam core is actually aerated and infused with graphite so it should do a good job at remaining temperature neutral throughout the night.

This proprietary foam core gives it a classic soft neutral foam feel. It’s not gonna feel like a dense memory foam pillow, nor like a soft fluffy down pillow.

Simply put, it’s basically just gonna feel like a comfy foam pillow and we think a lot of folks out there are gonna find it really accommodating.

For that reason we also place its firmness at about a medium, so we think it’ll work well for all
sleeper types.

So if you’re looking for just a comfy foam pillow but you’re also not looking to pay an arm and a leg to get it, this is definitely an option that’s worth looking into.

Those are the best pillows that we think can be bought online right now.

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