3 Good Weighted Blankets

3 Good Weighted Blankets

Here we’re talking about the three best weighted blankets on the market right.

We did purchase these blankets with our own money, no one paid us to do this review.

But first, a little background on weighted blankets.


They were originally used as therapeutic treatment for people who suffered from insomnia, severe OCD and anxiety. But then they found out that virtually anyone can benefit from weighted blankets,

They can help soothe things, like everyday stress, anxiety, they can help you to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

We think laying with one feels like someone’s giving you a light hug all over your body and the effect is actually very soothing and relaxing.

It’s also said that weighted therapy can help to increase your serotonin and melatonin levels and
decrease your cortisol levels overnight.

So if you like to sleep cooler, you’re gonna need to probably turn down the temperature in your room.

Also just so you know these blankets are a little bit on the pricier side.

See weighted blankets for adults.

For this review we have the Magic Blanket, the YN blanket and the Calmforter.

We’re gonna be specifically talking about their price, weight and size, weight distribution, overall feel and care.

First we have the Magic Blanket.

We got this blanket for around $190 on Amazon, which is on the pricier side of weighted blanket market and the most expensive item on this list .

It is the twelve pound blanket, which is a pretty standard starter weight for weighted blankets.

Experts recommend getting a blanket that’s 10 percent of your body weight. Then you can add or subtract a pound or two from there. But we agree that the twelve pounds is a good starting point
for people who are new to using weighted blankets.

Twelve pounds is substantial but not suffocating.

This company makes blankets starting at four pounds and they go all the way up to 24 pounds.

They have 42 inches by 60 inches blanket, which is a little on the smaller side, it’s not big enough to even cover a twin size bed. But to go up in size, you had to go up and weight.

This blanket is constructed so that it has squares and then these squares are filled with a polypropylene pellet, which are just little plastic beads. This is what makes up the weighted blanket.

The thing about this is that the beads fall around the squares when you pick it up, causing uneven weight distribution throughout the blanket. This isn’t bad if you’re laying down evenly with it on top of you, but it’s kind of a pain when you’re standing up and doing things.

Also it can fall off the side of the bed or the couch more easily, if you shift your weight while you’re sleeping.

The Magic Blanket has this really soft and luxurious material called Chenille.

The Magic Blanket also offers a variety of blanket materials to choose from, cotton, fleece, among some other ones.

We do like this material a lot but it kind of had more of a throw blanket vibe to us.

Also it doesn’t strike us as the most durable material. It’s a little bit more on the thinner side.

As for care the company says that you can machine wash and air dry this blanket.

Regarding returns, we got all of our blankets from Amazon, but if you order through the company, their policy is that you have ten days to return this blanket from the day it’s delivered. You have to pay shipping for yourself though and it must be in new condition.

They say if the blanket is stain, damaged or has any pet hairs, they’re not gonna accept it for a full refund. Exchanges are completely free though.

Next up let’s talk about the YNM weighted blanket.

This blanket was only about $97 on Amazon, which is more on the affordable side of the weighted blankets and the most affordable one that we tested.

There are also optional covers that you can purchase for around $30 to $45, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.

We got the fifteen pounds blanket. Their complete weight range is from 7 to 25 pounds, all varying
in different sizes.

The YNM has the widest range of options. You could definitely tell a difference in the weight between the blankets, even though it is just a three pound difference.

This blanket is filled in each square with a wool like material and then they use tiny glass beads to help weigh it down. Because of the wool, the weight stays really evenly distributed through the blanket and it doesn’t make any noise when you move around.

We think this blanket did the best job of keeping evenly distributed weight.

The YNM comes in this organic cotton and it’s quilted with these big squares just like the Magic Blanket.

To us it looks like it could be a normal duvet on your bed but the cotton isn’t my favorite especially compared to the other two blankets. It’s kind of scratchy and I just love a more plush and soft blanket.

But it is very thick and durable, so I’m not too worried about it tearing or anything. We figured that this blanket is actually meant to be the inner weighted layer and that they offer covers that you can fill with this blanket.

They offer some really soft minky covers or just some more cotton options, so you could have just this insert or choose from the multiple covers.

As for care, the inner layers are advertised as machine washable on a low gentle setting and then you air dry it or you can get it dry-cleaned.

I feel like this blanket would literally take all day to dry though because it’s just so thick. That’s probably why the company strongly suggests you getting in that cover that again is sold separately.

This blanket is only sold on Amazon and so they abide by Amazon’s return policies and then they also offer a three year warranty.

Last but not least we have the Calmforter blanket.

I like this blanket because it’s a full package with the inside weighted layer and the removable cover already on it.

This blanket is a little pricey at $180, which is obviously really expensive. But again you’re paying for both the insert and the cover

We got 12 pound blanket and this is our biggest blanket at 60 inches by 80 inches. That’s big enough to sufficiently cover a queen-size mattress and this is actually the only weight and size that the company offers.

For construction, this blanket is really soft and plush. It comes in this minky cover that is really easy to remove.

On one side you have this really soft and smooth cover and then on the other side, you have this texture the company calls it Sensadots and they advertise that it promotes additional soothing benefits.

Inside is a cotton inner layer, and it’s also quilted with these tiny glass beads inside and then some sort of polyfill so that the beads stay evenly distributed and it stays quiet.

Also the cover does a great job of hiding the quilted feeling so that it’s smooth all over and all together this feels like a pretty durable blanket.

Concerning care, having a cover is nice because you can remove it and it’s way easier to keep clean.

The company says you can both machine wash and machine dry the cover. Just make sure that both
are on the cool side so that you don’t shrink it.

For shipping, if you order direct from the company, it’s gonna ship free, which is nice. As far as returns, you have 30 days from delivery to return this blanket, but the products must be unused and in brand-new condition.

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